Bangladesh Navy – Detailed Information and Contact Details

Bangladesh Navy - Detailed Information and Contact Details

Bangladesh Navy was started Its work in 1971 before independence. After declaring independence by Ziaur Rahman from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the 26th of March 1971, the East Pakistan Navy became Bangladesh Navy. And during our liberation war, Bangladesh Navy did an operation named ‘operation jackpot.’ It was one of the bravest attacks on West Pakistan. The role of the Bangladesh Navy to get victory over West Pakistan was immense.

After getting the victory, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman formed Bangladesh Navy to protect the country’s sovereignty. Since then Bangladesh Navy has been working to develop the country and protect our country’s sea, waterways, etc. And today’s article will be about Bangladesh Navy’s detailed information and some contact details.

Bangladesh Navy From 1971-202…

Bangladesh Navy ‘The Naval War Branch of the Bangladesh Navy,’ covering 1,17,613 sq km (45,64 m2) of maritime boundary and security of all ports and military installations in the area, is primarily responsible for safeguarding Bangladesh’s military and economic interests at home and abroad. Besides, Bangladesh Navy is also a leading force in Bangladesh’s disaster management and humanitarian assistance missions.

The Navy is a major participating force in regional counterterrorism activities and is also involved in international peacekeeping operations through UN missions. The Commander-in-chief of the Bangladesh Navy is President Abdul Hamid. And the current Chief of Naval Staff is Admiral Mohammad Shaheen Iqbal. The President of the Country patronizes Bangladesh Navy.

The Color of the Bangladesh Navy is White and Blue. And the headquarters of the Bangladesh Navy is in Bonani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The official website of the Bangladesh Navy is There you will find more current and historical information about the Bangladesh Navy.

Now let’s write about some contact information about Bangladesh Navy. Bangladesh Navy has a goal to reach within 2030. BN (Bangladesh Navy) will be more digitalized than ever before. And so many ultra-modern tools will be added soon to Bangladesh Navy. Now let’s write about some contact information about Bangladesh Navy.

Contact Details Of Bangladesh Navy

The present address of Naval Headquarters is Banani, Dhaka – 1213 Bangladesh. If you want to reach them on the telephone, you have to call them on this number: +88 02 983 6141-9. Suppose you want to mail them. You can easily do it from this address: [email protected]. We hope you can easily contact them with this information we have just provided if you want to do it.

Start Your Career in Bangladesh Navy

It is a huge responsibility to work for the safety and wellness of the country. It is pride too. If you dream to work in the Bangladesh Navy, you can make your dream true. We are giving some useful links to get more information about joining them in the following.

We have found these three categories of posts available on the official website of the Bangladesh Navy. If you want to know more about these, you can go to the link. These are the official link of the Bangladesh Navy.


Bangladesh Navy has huge responsibilities for Bangladesh. Bangladesh Navy works on protecting the country, helping after a calamity, and in many development projects. It is almost impossible to finish writing about Bangladesh Navy in one article. Here we have just tried to give you some basic information about BN (Bangladesh Navy).

We all know this is a huge organization in Bangladesh. That works in various projects. We are proud of the Bangladesh Navy. The way they are working and worked in the past was awesome. We hope they will improve more and more in the future.

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