Bangladesh Police Details To Know: History, Activities, News

Bangladesh Police: History, Activities, News

You are going to know about Bangladesh Police on this whole page. Polices are people’s best friends. They are always ready to help common people around the country. Generally, policies are one of the best parts of a country for maintaining people’s safety of life and property.

If you know about Bangladeshi police, you have come to the accurate site. Keep scrolling this page and enjoy your knowledge gathering period.

Bangladesh Police

The Bangladesh Police is part of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a law enforcement agency that operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Generally, Bangladesh police maintain peace, law enforcement, and order within Bangladesh and play a significant role in the criminal justice system.

But they are primarily concerned with maintaining law and order and security of individuals’ persons and property. Usually, Bangladeshi police are trained at the headquarters and work very closely with Interpol in France, and many officers work.

History of Bangladesh Police

The duties of policing were performed during the periods of the great sultans by the position of Muhtasib so that he was called the chief of the police. For performing police duties, Kotwals were responsible in urban areas. In Emperor Akbar’s period, the policing system was further organized and introduced by Sher Shah Suri.

Emperor Akbar’s administrative structure was organized by introducing Fouzdari, the principal representative of the Emperor.

England Period

England faced a grave crisis due to socio-economic transformation in the early stage of the Industrial Revolution. At that moment, they felt the necessity of an effective, organized police service. Sir Robert Peel was the Prime Minister, and he introduced a bill in the British Parliament in 1829, organizing civil police in London.

Bangladesh Period

On 16 December 1971, Bangladesh emerged as an independent country, and then the police force was recognized and assumed the role of a national police force. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led government badged the boat from the Police force in January 2004.

Because the boat is also the symbol of the then opposition party named Bangladesh Awami League, since the independence of Bangladesh, the police have been using the boat as its symbol.

Activities of Bangladesh Police

Bangladesh Police devote service to public order, peace, and security within one hour. Generally, they work to ensure the best security of life and property of the people. Bangladesh police work in four segments: Crime Management / Public Order Management, Internal Security, Social Integration, and Performing Internationally.

Collecting intelligence, Response to crime Incidents, Investigation, Verification, Public Order Management, Traffic Management, and Assisting Prosecution are included in Crime Management / Public Order Management.

In the Internal Security segment, there are so many activities like Security Patrols, Security Watchdog, VVIP Security, KPI Security, and Security at National Occasions. Raising Awareness, Community Policing, Humanitarian Efforts, Participation in Social Events, Observing Open House Day, Blood Donation, and Victim Support Center is included in Social Integration.

Finally, come to the last segment named Performing Internationally. In this segment, there have only two activities. These activities are Addressing Transnational Crimes and UN Peacekeeping Missions. These all are the whole activities of the Bangladesh Police.


I think these all are enough about the Bangladeshi Police. By reading the above whole article, you will fully know about Bangladeshi Police. After taking some important information from a very trusted source, this article was prepared.

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