Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC)

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC)

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation shortly BRTC is the government-controlled bus transport agency in Bangladesh. BRTC was established as a government-corporate transport body to provide modern transportation services to the passenger of Bangladesh. Here I’d like to write something about the BRTC, if you are interested, please keep reading this article carefully.

History Of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation

BRTC plays a strategic interventional role in the road transport sector and renders emergency services during natural calamities. This corporation was established in 1961. Following the information of Wikipedia, BRTC was established on the 4th of February of 1961.

At that time, Bangladesh was under Pakistan, and BRTC buses are running from the Pakistan period. This corporation was inaugurated by M.N Huda, who was the finance minister of east Pakistan in 1961. Since then, BRTC providing reliable service in present Bangladesh till now.

BRTC Bus Service

This bus transport agency covered its bus service almost everywhere in Bangladesh. Since the inauguration of this transport agency, it has been providing a very wide-ranged bus service. Presently BRTC is a very trustable name to Bangladesh’s people, and the reason behind it is the high-quality and reliable service.

Many people are daily traveling from one place to another place through the BRTC bus service. It can be said that BRTC is one of the most used bus transport companies in Bangladesh. This transport agency has plans to increase its coverage area, and also it’s working to do its service everywhere in Bangladesh.

Total Buses Of BRTC

After a long time of research, I have got the number of BRTC buses. In Bangladesh, BRTC has a total of 1116 buses. Among the total buses, 973 buses are presently running on the road, 145 buses are in Heavy Repair. BRTC has added many models of the bus. In the below chart, I have given the model-wise bus number list. Have a look to know more.

Serial No. Bus Model Running Bus Heavy Repair Total
1 Volvo Double Decker 10 40 50
2 Ashok Layland Double Bus 109 20 129
3 TC Bus-1316/55 284 31 315
4 Mini Bus 8 3 11
5 CNG Bus (FAW China) 20 4 24
6 China CNG Bus 243 243
7 Korean CNG Bus 253 253
8 Different Model Old Bus 46 45 91

Other Information Of BRTC

The BRTC is a state-owned transport corporation; it assumed it’d named BRTC a semi-autonomous corporation under the Bangladesh Ministry of Communication after Bangladesh’s liberation war. The whole activities of this agency are controlled by an eleven-member Board of Directors headed by a Chairman supervise.

BRTC operates three international bus lines from Dhaka to respectively Kolkata, Agartala, and Siliguri in India. In Bangladesh, this agency operates inter-district bus service to all the major districts such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Bogra, Comilla, Pabna, Rangpur, Barisal, and Sylhet. It also has inter-city bus service in many cities of Bangladesh.

Besides carrying the passenger’s BRTC also operates the cargo service. It operates a fleet of 170 trucks; those carry about 20% of the government’s food. The leading two truck depots of BRTC are located in Dhaka and Chittagong.

BRTC has also its own Driver Training Institutes. The main institute is located in Joydevpur, Gazipur district. And the other training Institutes are located in Chittagong, Bogra, Khulna, and Jhenidah, through which BRTC provides basic training in motor driving and repair


Finally, I am going to finish this article. I hope you got your necessary information and you have also known some new information that you are didn’t heard before. All the information in this article is based on the internet; please inform me if you found any wrong information. And don’t forget to let me know about your compliment. Thank you.

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