Cabinet Of Bangladesh (Council Of Ministers Of People’s Republic Of Bangladesh)

Cabinet Of Bangladesh (Council Of Ministers Of People's Republic Of Bangladesh)

In the following article, you will know that the Cabinet Of Bangladesh, or Council of Ministers, is the chief executive body of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The cabinet is one of the most important figures for carrying on a state.

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Cabinet of Bangladesh

The Cabinet of Bangladesh, also called the Council of Ministers that is the chief executive body of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is significant for a state because the entire government’s collective decision-making body under the prime minister’s office, containing the Prime Minister and some 25 Cabinet Ministers, 7 Advisers, 18 State 3 Deputy Ministers.

There has a total of 54 members in the cabinet of Bangladesh. Including the cabinet, Abdul Hamid is the head of state, and Sheikh Hasina is the government head. Now the status in the legislature is a 117-seat single-party majority 257 / 300.

History of The Cabinet Division

The Cabinet Division is called the executive office of the Prime Minister. This office of the prime minister works for the government of Bangladesh’s executive administration and facilitates the smooth transaction of business in Cabinet Ministries.

To provide secretarial assistance to Bangladesh’s government, the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was created in 1972 though placed under President’s Office after 1975. The government had a presidential system by Act of Parliament, which was abolished after 1991, and as a full-fledged administrative unit, the Cabinet Division was formed within October 1991.

Council of Ministers

The ministries are undoubtedly the most influential part of the executive of the Bangladesh government. The head of a ministry by a Minister or State minister works for conducting the business of his Ministry/Division in the Parliament; otherwise, the Prime Minister’s Office directs him.

There stays a Secretary and an Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretary, and Assistant Secretary in the cabinet of Bangladesh whenever the Secretary is the administrative head of a ministry or division.

The additional secretary and assistant secretary help him. In descending order of rank, there have four categories of ministers in the cabinet, and they are-

  1. Minister
  2. State Minister (Independent Charges)
  3. State Minister and
  4. Deputy Minister

Here I add a chart of some cabinets of Bangladesh below.

No Cabinet Formation date Election Governing party Governing system
1 Mujib I 17 April 1971 None Bangladesh Awami League Provisional
2 Mujib II 12 January 1972 1970 Bangladesh Awami League Provisional
3 Mujib III 16 March 1973 1973 Bangladesh Awami League Parliamentary
4 Mujib IV 25 January 1975 None BaKSAL Presidential
5 Mostaq 15 August 1975 None Bangladesh Awami League Presidential
6 Sayem 6 November 1975 None Bangladesh Awami League Presidential
7 Zia 21 April 1977 1978 Military/BNP Presidential
8 Sattar 30 May 1981 1981 BNP Presidential
9 Ershad 24 March 1982 1986 Military/Jatiya Party Presidential
10 Shahabuddin 6 December 1990 None Impartial Interim
11 Khaleda I 20 March 1991 1991 & Feb 1996 BNP Parliamentary
12 Habibur 30 March 1996 None Impartial Caretaker
13 Hasina I 23 June 1996 Jun 1996 Bangladesh Awami League Parliamentary
14 Latif 15 July 2001 None Impartial Caretaker
15 Khaleda II 10 October 2001 2001 BNP Parliamentary
16 Iajuddin 29 October 2006 None Impartial Caretaker
17 Fakhruddin 11 January 2007 None Impartial Caretaker
18 Hasina II 6 January 2009 2008 Bangladesh Awami League Parliamentary
19 Hasina III 24 January 2014 2014 Bangladesh Awami League Parliamentary
20 Hasina IV 7 January 2019 2018 Bangladesh Awami League Parliamentary

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