June 23, 2021
Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism)

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism)

You will know about the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism of Bangladesh in this whole article. Bangladeshi Government has created so many organizations for introducing Bangladesh as a respectable country in front of the whole world. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is one of them. Here I will tell you about the type of work and some different Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism departments. If you have any interest in this matter, please read this article fast to last.

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is widely known as a ministry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s government. It works to formulate national policies and programs for the development and regulation of Civil Aviation and the Bangladeshi tourism industry regulation. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is also responsible for promoting Bangladesh as a tourist destination. The headquarters of this Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is located in Secretariat, Dhaka.

Departments of Civil Aviation and Tourism in Bangladesh

Civil Aviation and Tourism works in various segments in Bangladesh. The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has four different departments, and these departments are Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, Bangladesh Tourism Board, Bangladesh Biman, and Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh. Here I will describe these four departments of Civil Aviation and Tourism in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

BPC, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. is known as a statutory board under the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism of Bangladesh that was established in 1973 consists of a Chairman and 3 whole-time Directors. Basically, this corporation’s main task is to promote the tourism industry whenever it is the country’s National Tourism Organization. The Tourist Police unit is recently formed by the Bangladeshi government to ensure local and foreign tourists’ better protection and look after the nature and wildlife in the tourist spots.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation was formatted in 1973. This organization’s main purpose is to promote and develop tourism, provide facilities, undertake measures, and carry out all forms of activities. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation also promotes tourist undertakings and creates tourism awareness among the people of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Tourism Board

Bangladesh Tourism Board maintains tourist and tourism related to all information and maintaining process. National tourism organization has included Bangladesh Tourist Board in their term.  Promoting tourism and providing necessary training in Bangladesh. This organization is running with the official language of Bangla, having headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Tourism Board was initially established in 2020, and that organization is located at Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka.

Bangladesh Biman

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, one of the most important communication segment organizations with the other countries in Bangladesh. About 49 years ago, on 4 January 1972, Biman Bangladesh Airlines was founded, the national flag carrier of Bangladesh. The main hub of this Biman Bangladesh Airlines is at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. The international passenger and cargo services are provided by this airline to multiple destinations with having air service agreements in 42 countries.

Kurmitola is situated in the northern part of Dhaka, which is the headquarters of Bangladesh Biman. The Caretaker Government of Bangladesh transformed the airline into the country’s largest public limited company until 23 July 2007, the government of Bangladesh wholly owned and managed it.

Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh

CAAB, the full form is Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh is mainly responsible for the regulatory body for all aviation-related activities in Bangladesh. It is the national aviation authority operating under the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism. Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh operates nine operational airports, three international and six domestic, including these nine operational airports. The headquarters of CAAB is located in Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.

This organization’s main function is to maintain a register for all Bangladeshi aircraft and ensure flight safety. Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh, which controls all maintenance activities with Bangladesh aircraft, also approves a certificate for the aircraft type. Customs, Immigration, Meteorology, Health, Police, etc., are organizations and agencies, and CAAB manages operational accommodation at the airports.

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