The Constitution Of The People’s Republic Of Bangladesh 1972

The Constitution Of The People's Republic Of Bangladesh 1972

Here I am going to describe the Constitution of Bangladesh in this article. This constitution was gained by a historic struggle for national liberation, precious to Bangladesh’s people. If you’d like to know about Bangladesh’s Constitution, then read this article from fast to last. I have added the whole history of the Bangladeshi Constitution. So don’t waste any more time and continue reading.

Constitution Of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Constitution, the full name is the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This constitutional document of Bangladesh was adopted on 4 November 1972 and effective from 16 December 1972. It contains important things like the Bangladeshi republic framework with a parliamentary government, fundamental human rights and freedoms, an independent judiciary, a democratic local government, and a national bureaucracy.

The references to socialism, secular democracy, and Bengali nationalism are also included by this Bangladeshi constitution and “contribute to international peace and co-operation in keeping with the progressive aspirations of mankind” is the commitment of this constitution.

Article 70 is known as a controversial element. Under Article 111, there enshrined Judicial precedent in Bangladesh’s constitution, and this Judicial precedent makes Bangladesh an integral part of the common law world. The constitution also supports Judicial review.

Modern Constitutional History

The modern constitution comes after three periods: British India, Union with Pakistan, and Bangladesh. South Asian empires developed centuries of governance, and then the advent of British rule was displaced in the 18th century. Parliament of the United Kingdom was known as the first basic law in the Bengal Presidency passed by the Regulating Act of 1773.

The British Empire did not grant universal suffrage and democratic institutions to its colonies, but concessions were granted slowly for home rule. Including important government laws, The Government of India Act 1858, Indian Councils Act 1861, Indian Councils Act 1892, and Indian Councils Act 1909.

79 members were included in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. Of them, 44 were from East Bengal, 22 from West Punjab, 5 from Sind, 3 from the Northwest Frontier Province, 1 from Baluchistan, and 4 from the acceding princely states.

In 1954, the Governor-General arbitrarily dissolved the first constituent assembly. A second constituent assembly was elected in 1955, and by this assembly, the Constitution of Pakistan of 1956 was adopted.

The interim first constitution of Bangladesh was served when the Provisional Government of Bangladesh issued the Proclamation of Independence on 10 April 1971. “Equality, human dignity, and social justice” as the republic’s fundamental principles were declared by Bangladesh’s constitution.

The first bill of the Bangladeshi Constitution was introduced in the Assembly on 12 October, but the first reading began on 19 October and continued till 30 October. Manabendra Narayan Larma was a Jumma Chakma politician who had made a passionate appeal to declare the term of citizenship as “Bangladeshi” instead of “Bengali.”

Text of The Constitution

The Sovereign People’s Republic of Bangladesh was produced in front of the world by the independence on the 26th day of March 1971 and through a historic struggle for national liberation. The heroic people of Bangladesh had dedicated their lives to gaining independence.

The high ideals of nationalism, socialism, democracy, and secularism inspired them to sacrifice their lives in the national liberation struggle in 1971. For this reason, the Constitution of Bangladesh is very valuable to the people in Bangladesh.

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