Cyber Crime Investigation Division – Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Cyber Crime Investigation Division – Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Bangladesh is growing so fast. Bangladesh has made some phenomenal progress in the last few years in the ICT sector. But some new issues came around together. Cyber Crime is increasing rapidly day by day. The main reason is not controlling the internet and excessive use and abuse of the internet. Cybercrime is not only in Bangladesh; it is a very familiar and scary word to almost everyone.

Whether familiar with the term or not, millions of people are affected by it every day. Cybercrime is not a new type of crime globally; it’s a widespread crime like data theft, data distortion, fraud, blackmail, money laundering, etc. All those terms are committed as cybercrimes through the internet.

, any crime committed through the internet is called cybercrime. In other words, cybercrime is a crime that mainly uses computers or other electronic devices, and criminals use the Internet to commit crimes worldwide. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) divides cybercrime into four main categories – insiders, hackers, virus writers, and criminal groups.

Cyber Crime in Bangladesh

Currently, Cyber Crime is at the top of the list of crimes in developed countries. New rules and laws have been made to prevent cybercrime like other countries; Bangladesh has enacted laws to curb cybercrime and related crimes. But many people do not know the laws. The Information and Communication Technology Act 2006 provides detailed instructions in this regard.

Section 57 of the Information and Communication Technology Act states,

If a person engages in any activity to harm the public or any person knowingly or knowingly causing any harm, resulting in the destruction, cancellation or alteration of any computer resource or loss of its value or usefulness Gets or damages it in any other way Damages it by illegally accessing a computer server, computer network or any other electronic system, but he is not the owner or occupier, then his actions will be a hacking crime. Anyone found guilty of hacking will be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. One crore Bangladeshi Taka can be fined or both.

Section 57 of the Information Technology Act states,

If a person intentionally publishes or broadcasts something on a website or in any other electronic format which, if read or heard by someone considering it to be false and obscene or related, may incite to be unethical or dishonest or cause defamation. If it degrades or is likely to happen, tarnishes the state or individual’s image or hurts or hurts religious sentiments, or incites any person or organization with such information, then it is a crime.

Cyber Crime Investigation Division – Dhaka Metropolitan Police

This special unit of Bangladesh Police runs under DMP (Dhaka Metropolitan Police) to investigate cybercrimes. This department’s main task is to patrol, prevent, identify, and investigate cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime in the Metropolitan. It was inaugurated on 3rd May 2016.

Mission and Vision

To keep the netizens of Dhaka metropolitan safe and secure by investigating cyber incidents; Monitoring social media sites, blogs, raising public awareness, and many more.

Contact to Cyber Crime Investigation Division – Dhaka Metropolitan Police

We have just collected the contact details of the Cyber Crime unit of Bangladesh Police. Here you go :


  • Office of the Additional Commissioner: Counter-Terrorism & Transnational Crime, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, 36 Minto Road, Ramna, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh
  • E-Mail:[email protected]
  • Mobile Number:+8801769691522

We hope and pray that you do not face any issues related to Cyber Crime. And also hope that you never think of doing any criminal act to anyone.

It is effortless to commit a crime on the internet because you can stay anonymous there. But if you do, so you have to face the law. So we should respect the law of our country, and we should safely use the internet.

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