Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Information (MPEMR)

Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Information (MPEMR)

Bangladesh has many ministries that maintain different agencies, and one of the ministries in Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources. This is a ministry directly headed by the prime minister, but there is a state minister. The short form of this ministry is MPEMR. This is a very important and large ministry of the Bangladesh government.

This ministry has a big responsibility to the people of Bangladesh. And has a lot of things to manage and many things to do for the betterment of Bangladeshi People. In this article, I will write a short brief about this ministry. I hope this article will help you find out the information you are searching for.

Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources

This ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources Bangladesh is primarily responsible for all policies and matters related to electricity generation, transmission, and distribution from conventional and non-conventional energy sources. Including hydroelectricity. This ministry also deals with the Import, Distribution, Exploration, Extraction, Pricing, and other policy-related details of fuels that are needed to supply electricity all over the country,

The MPEMR Ministry has two separate secretariats headed by two divisions. The Department of Power is responsible for policy formulation and implementation of all matters relating to the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity with conventional, non-conventional, and other energy sources, including hydropower.

The power sector is inextricably linked with the operation and distribution of electricity. The power department has six productions, one transmission, and five distribution companies. Besides, the Power Cell acts as a “consulting firm” for the Department of Power to formulate necessary laws, regulations, and policies.

Departments of MPEMR

I have already mentioned that this ministry has two divisions. One is power division, and the other is energy and mineral resources division. These two divisions have many departments to run. These different divisions run different departments of Bangladesh. Here in the following, we have the complete list of departments and companies run under these two divisions of this ministry.

Power Division

The power division has almost 12 departments to distribute power and electricity all over the country. The number can increase or decrease a bit. Here you go, the list of departments that run under the power division of MPEMR of Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh Power Development Board
  • Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited
  • Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited
  • Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited.
  • Electricity Generation Company Limited.
  • West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited.
  • Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board
  • Rural Power Company Limited
  • Power Cell
  • Power Grid Company of Bangladesh
  • northwest Power Generation Company Limited
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)

Energy and Mineral Resources Division

The Energy and Mineral resource division mainly searches for a new source of natural mineral resources and runs many departments that distribute and collect energy and mineral resources. This division also surveys and takes all mineral resources in our country. Here you go, the list of departments that run under this division of MPEMR.

  • Geological Survey of Bangladesh
  • Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited
  • Sylhet Gas Fields Limited
  • Mineral Resources Development Bureau
  • Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company
  • Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation
  • Bangladesh Petroleum Institute
  • Geological Survey of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Hydrocarbon Unit
  • Department of Explosives
  • Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Limited

Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources

According to the official website, this ministry is mainly run by three honorable people of Bangladesh. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh heads this ministry. And the current Prime minister of Bangladesh is Sheikh Hasina. So this ministry is run by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

And the adviser of this ministry is Toufiq E Elahi Choudhury (Bir Bikram), and the state minister of MPEMR is Nasrul Hamid. And many officers are working in the departments. And many first-class officers have duties to fulfill in the MPEMR ministry office.

If you want to contact or take E-service, which is known as E-Sheba, you can take it from the official website of MPEMR. If you’re going to contact them directly, you can send them mail at [email protected], and there are three contact numbers they have provided, which are 9551261, 9555962, 9566099.

  • Website: https://mpemr.gov.bd/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 9551261, 9555962, 9566099.

You can use this number to call the MPEMR officers. This is it for today; if you want to know further about the MPEMR of Bangladesh, please comment in the following.

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