Natural Gas Fields In Bangladesh: Probability And Resources

Natural Gas Fields In Bangladesh: Probability And Resources

Gas is a precious natural resource for any country. It has many uses in modern civilization. Gas plays a major role in economic development through power generation, fertilizer production, industrial use, fuel, and household use. The amount of gas in Bangladesh is limited, but it is used in many cases.

It is possible to add a new journey to the country’s economic development through the proper use and management of these precious resources. Here in this article, I’ll be discussing the natural gas resources in Bangladesh. I’ll try to bring out information as much as I can.

Natural Gas in Bangladesh

Natural gas is the main mineral resource of Bangladesh. The main constituents of natural gas are methane, hydrogen, sulfide, and carbon dioxide. Gas is collected from most of the oil mines in Bangladesh. Natural gas accounts for 63% of Bangladesh’s commercial energy consumption. Natural gas is a vital energy resource in Bangladesh.

The total number of gas fields discovered in the country is 25. Pettobangla has recently determined the initial reserves of gas fields. At present, the total estimated gas reserves are 36.70 trillion cubic feet, and the significant proven and reserves are 26.036 trillion cubic feet. As of December 2012, natural gas production amounted to about 10.915 trillion cubic feet. As a result, the net reserves to be extracted in January 2013 amounted to 16.373 trillion cubic feet.

How long Will the Gas Reserves in Bangladesh Last?

The gas crisis in Bangladesh is getting stronger day by day. Many homes, especially in urban areas, are now responsible for cooking. Many are using LPG cylinders, giving up hope of gas in the pipeline. The government has already started importing gas from abroad to address the crisis.

In July 2016, State Minister for Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid informed Parliament that the net reserves to be extracted amounted to 12.54 trillion cubic feet. Stocks from here have further decreased due to use. Now the question is, how long will this gas last?

Badrul Imam, a former geology professor at Dhaka University, said Bangladesh now has 12 TCF reserves. But one TCF of gas is being used every year. He is supposed to run for the next 12 years. But the reality is that the amount of gas now in stock will not last more than 10 years. Many energy experts think so.

However, energy expert and the Bangladesh University of Engineering Professor. Tamim said there are no more than 10 trillion cubic feet of gas in Bangladesh now. “What I have in stock, I can’t always lift the same amount,” said Professor Tamim.

The more gas is extracted, the lower the pressure in the gas field. As a result, gas extraction will decrease even if gas is stored at one stage. Assuming current gas reserves and extraction, it can be assumed that there is gas for the next 10 years. “It’s an indication that we need to search more extensively. There is danger ahead,” said Professor Tamim. The amount of gas being extracted every day in Bangladesh is not enough to meet the demand.

Gas Extraction

At present, there are 29 natural gas fields in Bangladesh. The first gas field was discovered in 1955 at Haripur in Sylhet, and the last gas field was discovered in 2016 at Bhola North-1 [1]. The largest natural gas field in Bangladesh is the Titas gas field.

It was discovered in 1962 by the Pakistan Shale Oil Company in Brahmanbaria. The first gas extraction started in 1956. The government continues its efforts to extract gas from the 25 discovered gas fields. Currently, gas is being produced from 63 wells in 19 gas fields.

Prospects for Bangladesh

There is no gas to export to Bangladesh. The amount of gas that has been discovered and the amount that is likely to be obtained can be used for 25-30 years if used for themselves. If the gas-based plan is adopted across the country, it will end sooner rather than later. If no new gas field is found, the gas must be imported within 20 years. So Bangladesh can go a long way by properly using its gas.


Bangladesh is a developing country in the third world. The amount of resources in the country is insufficient, but the problems are innumerable. Notable among these finite resources is natural gas. In addition to taking various government steps to develop this resource, we all have to be careful in its development and use.


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