Prime Minister Of Bangladesh Office – Detailed Contact Information

Prime Minister Office – Detailed Contact Information

Sheikh Hasina Wazed is the current Prime Minister Of Bangladesh. She is consistently winning the election for the third time. Sheikh Hasina was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the fourth time on 08 January 2019 after her party Awami League-led grand alliance won a landslide victory Eleventh Parliamentary Elections held on 30 December 2016.

After the landslide victory of the Awami League in the general elections held on 5 January 2014, Sheikh Hasina was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the third time on 12 January. On 23 June 1996, he became the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Awami League, under his leadership, won a single majority in the June 12 parliamentary elections that year.

Prime Minister Office

Prime Minister’s Office is a place where the most important decision and tasks are made. This is a place of intelligence and knowledge. The best officers and best workers work in the Prime Minister’s office to Help the Prime Minister. A person can’t run a country alone. There are so many departments and so many things to watch out for. A Prime Minister Office is one of the busiest offices in a country.

Here the most important works for the country are done. Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina’s Office, is governmental property. It is not a property or office of a person. This is an office in the country.

Prime Minister Office Contact Details

We haven’t found any direct mobile number to contact to Prime Minister Office. It is not possible in reality to contact the Prime Minister directly as a normal citizen. But we have found some information related to Prime Minister Office. The information we have collected has been given in the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prime Ministers Office
  • Puraton Sangsad Vaban
  • Tejgaon, Dhaka- 1215,  Dhaka, Bangladesh

The official website of the Prime Minister’s office is PMO.GOV.BD. Here you can find many officers’ official contact information.

Services and Activities of Prime Ministers Office

There are so many tasks and duties to fulfill in the Prime Minister’s Office. Prime Minister does not work alone here. So many intelligent people from all over the country work with the Prime Minister too.

They work for the betterment of the country together. We have collected some activities of the Prime Minister’s office that will give you some ideas. Important activities of this office are:

  • To provide secretarial assistance to the Honorable Prime Minister in discharging his duties.
  • Assist the Prime Minister in carrying out his duties as required
  • To assist the Prime Minister in discharging his responsibilities in the Parliamentary affairs.
  • Matters related to politics
  • Administrative and financial matters of the Prime Minister’s Office
  • National Security and Intelligence
  • Coordination of all intelligence agencies
  • NGO
  • Board of Investment related functions
  • Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority
  • Administrative and financial activities of subordinate departments
  • Security of the Special Security Forces (SSF) and the Prime Minister
  • Management of various funds under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister
  • Speeches and speeches of the Prime Minister
  • Head of Foreign Government, Protocol of Representation
  • Management of state formalities
  • The Prime Minister’s internal travel matters
  • Maintaining contacts with international organizations and concluding treaties/agreements with various countries and international organizations.
  • Related to the Prime Minister’s Office

Not only these 19 points. There are many more tasks that have to be done as I have already told you that the Prime Minister’s office is one of the busiest and important offices of a country. Sometimes, we hear that someone contacted the prime minister’s office and asked for some help. And the officers from the office granted this. This is really amazing thing.

It feels perfect when you get help from the Prime Ministers Office directly. It is like getting help from the Prime Minister Itself. This post is just for that; you can mail to the email and tell them what you want to say. But always keep respect for the head of the country.


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