The British Period: Things To Know About History Of British Period In Bengal!

History Of The British Period

There are many countries where the British possessed. The British companies used to rule over weak countries of the world. And the absorption by the British is used to take place in so many countries. The British army was powerful and well equipped. It was tough to fight them and defeat them. British attention to a country was like a curse at that time.

In Bengal, the European Businessmen came to trade here, but gradually they possessed the government and started ruling the country. This was a technic of many European countries. First, they used to come to a country for trade only, and then they started to rule over the society and then the nation.

The British Period in Bengal

The colonial era to this subcontinent was started in the 17th century. The colonial-era means when a country starts ruling over another country temporarily. They know that when people of that country start protesting against them, they have to leave and give them independence.

In this short period of time, they rule and export necessary goods to their country. This is the meaning of the Colonial era. The English East India Company came here to trade, but they slowly captured the whole nation and started ruling it. It was started in 1757.

History Of The British Period

Nawab Shirajuddoula was the last nawab of Bengal; the British army defeated him. Mirzafor was the main culprit. He was the commander of the army of Nawab, and he trained Nawab Shirajuddoula. By losing that war, the darkness of the British ruling period took place. The British company possessed the whole of India. India was divided into some parts, and there was a governor from the British in all parts of India.

Cons of British Period

Look, the British came here to trade, but they started the colonial era. It was not legal. So the main process of the ruling is illegal. And the result will also be negative. That is what happened. The poor people of this region became poorer.

Some of the businessmen were overpowered. People were divided by their economic situation. And also, people have been divided and ruled according to their religion. Some famine took place. The independence of people was gone.

Pros of British Period

There are so many cons of the British Period. There are so many negative sides to the British Colonial era. But there were some good parts too. I mean, there are some Pros of the British period too. At the time of the colonial era in this continent, many Schools, Colleges, Universities were formed.

Many paper mills, printing machines, and many informative infrastructures were developed. People of this continent became interested in education. Some educated persons started studying and understanding the situation. They started to speak up against the British colonial era.

People started to know more and more about being possessed by other nations. Many roads, buildings, and infrastructure were developed in the colonial era of the British. People learned the importance of being united.

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