Bangladesh Railway – Detailed Contact Information

Bangladesh Railway - Detailed Contact Information

Rail transport in Bangladesh was first formed on 15th November 1962. Then it was undivided India. Bangladesh was part of undivided India. As well as Pakistan. The British government inaugurated the railway in Bangladesh almost 170 years ago.

From then, gradually the railways and trains increased. And progressively, new trains and railways were added in this Bengal Region of India after the Partition of India Bengal Assam Railway was named Eastern Bengal Railway. Because Bengal was divided into two parts. One was gone to Pakistan.

And this Easter Pakistan Railway was running under the government of Western Pakistan. Then the length of this railway was 2,603.92 km. And after getting independence from West Pakistan. East Pakistan Railway was named Bangladesh Railway. And now it has increased Its railways, stations, trains, and more. Day by day, the Bangladesh railway is growing.

Bangladesh Railway Information

Bangladesh Railways is a government-owned and government-run transport company in the country. Bangladesh Railway has 2955.53 (Approximately) KM, with 25063 (Approximately) regular employees. Since railways are an important means of land transportation to connect one end of the country, the overall development of railways plays an important role in the country’s economic growth.

Until June 2, 1972, the railways’ management and development were entrusted to the Railway Board with a chairman and four members. Then for the convenience of administration and operation, the Railway Board was abolished on 3 June 1982.

The Railway Board’s activities have been entrusted to the Railway Division of the Ministry of Communications, and the Secretary of that department acted as the Director-General of Bangladesh Railway. For the same purpose, under two general managers’ administrative control, Bangladesh Railway was divided into two regions, East and West.

Two general managers of the two regions are responsible for the director-general of Bangladesh Railway. Subsequently, on 12 August 1995, the Railways’ day-to-day operations were separated from the Ministry and handed over to the Director-General and Railway Professionals.

To inspect the various activities of Bangladesh Railways related to train operation and ensure rail transport safety, the Government of Bangladesh first formed a separate Railway Department under the Ministry of Communications and later the Ministry of Railways.

Bangladesh Railway Vision

Bangladesh Railway department has a long vision for the citizens of Bangladesh. The vision of the Bangladesh Railway is to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, and time-efficient rail transport services within the country through modernizing, expanding & maintaining the rail system to support government strategies for economic, social & environmental development. And also to make Railway a profitable source of income for the government.

Bangladesh Railway Contact Details

  • 1 Divisional Transportation Officer/Chittagong: 01711691549
  • 2 Assistant Transportation Officer/Chittagong: 01711692819
  • 3 Area Operating Manager/Port: 01711691630
  • 4 Station Manager/Chittagong: 01711691550
  • 5 Divisional Transportation Officer/Paksey: 01711691593
  • 6 Assistant Transportation Officer/Paksey: 01711692944
  • 7 Area Operating Manager/Khulna: 01711691639
  • 8 Divisional Traffic Superintendent/Lalmonirhat: 01711691650
  • 9 Assistant Traffic Superintendent/Lalmonirhat: 01711692901
  • 10 Assistant Director Operation, Central Control, Dhaka: 01711691520
  • 11 Chief Train Controller/Dhaka: 01711691564
  • 12 Chief Train Controller/CRB, Chittagong: 01711691534
  • 13 Chief Train Controller/Pahartali: 01711691551
  • 14 Chief Train Controller/Rajshahi: 01711691620
  • 15 Chief Train Controller/Lalmonirhat: 01711691604
  • 16 Chief Train Controller/Paksey: 01711691621

Bangladesh Railway E- Seba Details

As a part of being a Digital Bangladesh, Bangladesh Railway started some innovative services. Those are called Bangladesh E-Seba. We will be providing some detailed information about them in the following section.

These are all different E-Services of Bangladesh. Here are some exciting services like buying tickets online and SMS. You can easily buy train tickets from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Using a railway app, you can track your desired train’s location; by using an e-ticketing service, you can buy tickets online from home instead of going to the railway station. You can also buy a train ticket through SMS from your mobile phone.

This is it for today. We have just reached the end of this article about the Bangladesh Railway. We hope this information helped you a bit. If it did, please put a comment in the following. It will inspire us to write more.


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