Bangladesh RAB – History And Other Information

Bangladesh RAB - History And Other Information

The full form of Bangladesh RAB is Rapid Action Battalion. Bangladesh RAB was formed on 26th March 2006. Bangladesh RAB was formed by Bangladesh National Party (BNP) in a very crisis moment. In a situation when criminals and crime reports were going out of control. Bangladesh Police hardly used to handle all the criminal reports.

Then Bangladesh National Party (BNP) thought about creating a Rapid action force to control criminals and terrorists. And then Bangladesh RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) was inaugurated to catch the criminals and lower our country’s crimes. From 2004 to now, Bangladesh RAB has become one of Bangladesh’s most successful law enforcement agencies.

Bangladesh RAB has truly gained people’s trust and helped Bangladesh control criminals like terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, etc. And today’s article is about them. Today, we will not write about the history of RAB (Rapid Action Battalion).

However, it is impossible to write about their history in one article. Today, we have some basic information about RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and some contact information. So Let’s jump to the main article.

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Bangladesh RAB Information

Bangladesh RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) is a unit of Bangladesh Police. Bangladesh RAB was created with Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Airforce, BGB, etc. The journey of RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) after being formed in 2004 was amazing. Bangladesh RAB is doing. It’s best to keep peace in Bangladesh. And working hard to make Bangladesh safe for everyone.

Bangladesh RAB has 1-15 units all over Bangladesh. They have been divided into 15 parts to ensure the best performance in the country. Bangladesh RAB has Its headquarters in Dhaka. And they have their divisional and district level branch all over Bangladesh. The current Director Of General of Bangladesh RAB is Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, BPM, PPM.

The Mission of Bangladesh RAB

Bangladesh RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) has clear missions and goals to serve the country. We will be writing about that in the following section:

  • Upholding the rule of law of our beloved country.
  • Ensuring the safety of all citizens of Bangladesh and foreigners.
  • Protecting social peace based on public participation.
  • Identification and prevention of crime all over the country.
  • Bringing lawbreakers to justice
  • Protecting public order and peace.
  • We provide protection, assistance, advice, and assurance to the people.
  • Being empathic, humble, and patient to everyone innocent.
  • Coordination with different organizations friendly.
  • Learning from experience and aspiring to perform better in the future.

Role of Bangladesh RAB

Bangladesh RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) has some roles and responsibilities. They have some role to play for the goodness of Bangladesh. In the following, we have tried to write about the role of Bangladesh RAB.

  • Responsibilities regarding the Domestic Security of our country.
  • Recovering illegal weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other such items all over Bangladesh.
  • Arresting armed and dangerous terrorists.
  • Assisting other law enforcers in the administration only of the law of Bangladesh.
  • Collecting intelligence on terrorists and terrorism.
  • RAB joins in the Investigation of any crime under the order of the government of Bangladesh
  • Perform any national duty as directed by the Government of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh RAB Contact Details

Bangladesh RAB is a huge agency. They have their branches almost everywhere in Bangladesh. It is not possible to provide all of their officer’s contact numbers. It will be tough to provide all the Branch’s contact numbers here. So we will be providing the official link to their contact us page.

You can find your nearest and all Branch’s contact information of RAB. Contact to Bangladesh RAB. RAB’s headquarters is in ‘Cargo Admin Building, Shahjalal International Airport, Kurmitola, Dhaka – 1229. Operations Control Room of RAB – Telephone: 027913117, Mobile No: 01777720029,Fax: 027913133.


We do respect Bangladesh RAB for its achievements in the mission of keeping Bangladesh safe. We appreciate Bangladesh’s RAB from the core of our hearts.

We hope this article about Bangladesh RAB was helpful to you. If we have made any mistakes, we apologize. Please put a comment if you think we have mistaken something. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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