June 21, 2021
Bangladesh Army – Detailed Contact Information

Bangladesh Army – Detailed Contact Information

East Bengal Regiment was formed before the independence of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1948. And after declaring the independence by Ziaur Rahman on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 26th March 1971, East Bengal Regiment started the battle as a Bangladesh Army against the West Pakistan Regiment. S, K and Z force was raised to fight against the brutal attack of West Pakistan in 1971. Bangladesh Army fought bravely. And after the 9-month long bloody liberation war. Bangladeshi Army won the battle against West Pakistan. And after that, the Bangladesh Army was born. That’s how East Bengal Regiment became Bangladesh Army after winning the liberation war. It is a really proud history of a country’s army that has born from the war. But today we are not here to write about the history of Bangladesh Army. It is not possible to describe their history in one article. We are here today with some contact information of Bangladesh Army.

Bangladesh Army 1971- Present

Bangladesh Army is the largest branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. The Army’s primary responsibility is to provide the necessary strength and human resources for all kinds of security and defence assistance, including protecting the integrity of the territory of Bangladesh. All activities of the Army are regulated by the Army Branch of the Armed Forces Division. In addition to its primary responsibilities, the Bangladesh Army is constitutionally committed to assisting the civilian administration in any national emergency. Bangladesh army always works to protect and ensure the sovereignty of Bangladesh. They also help in many development projects. Bangladesh army helps people survive after a calamity. They also work in many infrastructure developments.

Current Statistics of Bangladesh Army

Let’s look at some statistics of Bangladesh Army. But the thing is, Bangladesh Army is developing day by day. New and improved things are coming. So this statistic may change in future.

ManPower Of Bangladesh Army

AirPower Of Bangladesh Army

Land Power Of Bangladesh Army

Naval Forces Of Bangladesh Army

Logistics Of Bangladesh Army

Financial Statistics of Bangladesh Army

Geographical Statistics of Bangladesh Army

This was some statistics of Bangladesh Armed forces. I have already told you that the information we have provided may change because the Bangladesh Army is developing daily. They are increasing the number of equipment they have.

Contact Details Of Bangladesh Army Headquarters

The present and permanent address of Bangladesh Army Headquarters is in Information Technology Directorate, General Staff Branch, Army Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka – 1206.

We haven’t found any fax or contact number of Bangladesh Army Headquarters. But we have found contact us page on their official webpage. Where you can send them emails if you need to contact them. This is the Contact Us Page of Bangladesh Army. And this is the official webpage of Bangladesh Army.

Start Your Career in the Bangladesh Army

Do you want to join in Bangladesh Army? Bangladesh Army is a symbol of pride and Honor of Bangladesh. This is a great opportunity and a novel profession to work for the wellness of a country. If you want to be a part of the Bangladesh Army, you can be. You need to have some qualifications and a full dedicated mindset. We are giving some important information about how you can apply to the Bangladesh Army.

This is the official website of Bangladesh Army to apply as a cadet. If you want to know about any information related to this topic, you can call in this number: 01713161979. To know more about the latest Job circular of Bangladesh Army, you have to go to the link I have provided in the first paragraph.


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