Bangladesh Trade Portal: Trade And Commerce In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Trade Portal: Trade And Commerce In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Trade Portal (BTP) is a platform that runs under the Ministry of Commerce in Bangladesh. This is basically a place for the traders who want to import or export goods. A few years ago, finding information about trading in Bangladesh was very tough. There was an issue with lacking information among Bangladesh traders and worldwide interested in trading here.

The government realized the need for a platform where all the information will be shown to traders or anyone who need it. As a result, BTP (Bangladesh Trade Portal) was established. This has benefited many traders in many ways in the last few years, and it will benefit more. BTP is increasing its capacity of gathering information and updating regularly, which is an excellent thing for the traders of Bangladesh.

Here in this article, I’ll try to write a short discretional article about Bangladesh Trade Portal. I’ll try to bring their activities and show how they can benefit Bangladesh and the world’s traders.

Bangladesh Trade Portal Details

Bangladesh Trade Portal has an official website. You can find all regulatory information about exporting goods in Bangladesh or even importing legal goods. It is an official platform run by the Ministry of Commerce in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in South Asia, and this country is doing really well in exporting and importing sector.

As the economy is growing, the trading opportunity is also growing in Bangladesh. So many traders worldwide are becoming more and more interested in trading in Bangladesh. But there was a lack of information about trading.

And then the commerce ministry realized that need. Bangladesh Trade Portal was established as a source of official information about trading in Bangladesh. And it is helping traders around the globe by providing information about trading. Bangladesh Trade Portal will let you know all sorts of information about trading in Bangladesh. And this platform has been running successfully since it was established.

How Bangladesh Trade Portal Will Help

Now the question is what sort of information they are providing and how it would help you. Let me tell you briefly. Bangladesh Trade Portal has a bunch collection of many sorts of information related to trading in Bangladesh.

If you want to know about some trade agreements with a specific country, you can easily know it from their official website. All sorts of information about trading are available there. Some of them are –

  • Guide to Import
  • Guide to Export
  • Cash Incentives for Exporter
  • GSP Facilities
  • GSP Tracker
  • Export Statistics
  • Import Statistics
  • Trade Agreements
  • Law, rules, and policies
  • Foreign Commercial Counselor
  • Tariff Structure in Bangladesh
  • Product-wise Exporter’s DataBase
  • Investment Opportunities In Bangladesh
  • WTO Agreements
  • Border Trade
  • And so many more…

If you visit their official website, I’ve already shared the link. You can see so much information and data about trading in Bangladesh are there. You can easily gather all the information from their official website.


Bangladesh Trade Portal is basically an information-based website platform. You can find all sorts of information about trading in Bangladesh; all sorts of statistics about trading are reserved there. This website was built in 2015 with the World Bank’s help under the Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce. And Bangladesh Trade Portal was published on 13th March 2016 as a part of Digital Bangladesh.

This platform is helping traders to find information easily. This platform is helping the economy to grow more and more. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. I will recommend you go to the official BTP platform to find more information about trading in Bangladesh. Write down a comment if you have anything else to know.

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