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Political problems in Bangladesh are uncountable in numbers. From the start of the country, there are numbers peoples have taken birth and died in this country with there extremity of life and wishes. And the situation is taken for granted, so no one to raise their voices and no ending of pains and problems.

In Economics, it says,” Man born in wants and dies with most of his wants unsatisfied,” and to talk about Bangladesh, I’d like to say,” In this nation, people born in problems and dies when most of the problems are unsolved.”

Throughout this whole article, I’m going to talk about the political problems in Bangladesh. I will speak about the problem through allegorical stories.

Uncountable Number Of Problems In Bangladesh

Talking about the political problems in Bangladesh, they will be uncountable in numbers!

In 1971, this region named East-Pakistan fought for its freedom and successfully gave this land a name. Their mother language,  “Bangla” and “Desh” in the native language, means country or region, which means “The Land of Bengals ” or in the native language ”Bangalir Vumi”. But that didn’t stop the suffering of the people. Due to the Political crisis and through uprisings, the Army took the nation two times in a row.

After the assassination of the first President of the country Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on August 15th of 1975,  and after eradicating the ”Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed” government and the uprising of the National Socialist Party, the army took the nations to lead in 1977 with just a ” yes-no” vote. And the Chief of Army Staff and Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator Ziaur Rahman took the President’s honor.

And for his corrupted administration, he was also assassinated on 30th May 1981. And then, less than a year later, the Chief of army staff, Lt. Gen Hussein Muhammad Ershad, again took the nation’s power by farce election and corruption.

And after that, he led the country for 9 years and ended on 6th December 1990. And after that, the civil government started to show up. In 1991 the first civil government was made by the country’s people. But they didn’t also solve the problems. Thus the problems were rising because Political uncertainty, corruption, and money laundering have given birth to so many social discriminations and uncountable numbers of problems.

Modern-days Situation of Bangladesh

The modern-day means the modern problems. Some may say, why am I just talking about the problems of Bangladesh. Well, for them, let me say. It’s today’s subject. After the birth of this country, one after one, the problems are created by so many circumstances.

Like; corrupted politics, corrupted government administrational system, and the corrupted public. But so to speak, mainly the political issues have given birth to all the corruption or problems. Because of the political uncertainty, people have nowhere to go unless fleeing from the country. But It wouldn’t solve the issues that were created.

A Situational Context

Let me explain a modern-day situation of the country by giving you an example of my situation.

Till this moment, I’m sitting on my chair and writing content about the political problems of Bangladesh. Suddenly the electricity goes off, and after an hour of suffering, it comes back with a shameless arrival. And it can go back anytime it wants. And it would be trustworthy to believe that it doesn’t matter only an hour of load shedding on a developing country, but if that goes off for 4-5 times a day, then what would you say?

The situation here is too critical to explain the situational context that I gave above to explain to you. I know most of you must haven’t understood the correct situation that I was trying to explain. Well, that’s the situation of
the problems; they are not all unsolved, but they are half solved, and half are kept intentionally for the upcoming Government election. Almost everything is half-past done here, and that’s where the corruption and political issues are playing with the nation’s people.

The Administration Officers and even most of the 4th class assistants are the ones who are supporting each other in their game of corruption, with time being crucial for the developments of the nation.

The Political problems

I have already said there are uncountable problems in this country. But the, Political issues are the ones that give birth to most of the problems. And I have sorted out some frames of these political games, and I will continue by pointing out those, and I will also be naming those.

The Election Game

The name of my country is Bangladesh, and to say ‘The People’s Republic Of Bangladesh,’  but if the political leader knew little about that, they wouldn’t have done this to the people. After every five years, people elect a member of the parliament.

And they elect the Prime minister, and the most elected party goes for Governance and makes their Government system. It’s looking good until now, but the problem is propaganda.

They fight for their party to sit on the government system. And that’s not on just the ballot paper or EVM machines but in the field with their party workers, and even they do not hesitate to harm the people they wanted to vote. Sometimes the voting centers are caught hostage to make their party’s win.

They even refuse the public, and they call themselves the public government. Sometimes they fraud the election and threaten the people to stay silent about that. Cause if anyone threats the government system for their fraud election, they can be dead in the next moment, and that man would be subversive to the state. And so many other things happen here that we can’t even speak free of in our minds.

A Dogs Cry!

I’m naming an intolerable situation of the politics of Bangladesh, the name “A Dogs Cry’.’ This is not about the real dogs but about the Dogs the political parties have made with the students, the future of the nation. And the situation here is like there are not many students in here cause most of them think of them as politicians.

And they also can have an area’s majestic power without any notation or confirmation. And most of the time, the student does shady or nasty works for the politicians, and even the Government party uses their students to stop any protest against government corruption.

And thus, most of the students of Bangladesh have tied themselves with the pride of a politician without thinking about anything at all. And the political parties have made this possible by giving the student the greed of money and power.

And through this, most of the students are now just a bunch of politicians in their fooled minds, but in real life, not more than the dogs of the political parties. And they even have mutated themselves like the dogs. They walk as a pack, and they even have their leader and gangsters and even separate their areas of control.

And if anyone has any problem with that, they fight a bloody fight with each other for their specific areas of control, and thus, they are now not more than the dogs of the politicians. They don’t study, don’t enjoy playing, and even family they just securing the palace of a politician, and this is a dog’s cry!


These two points are the hideous political game that is now playing in the country. And this could be stopped with just any protest, long march, or any social activity.

We should ban student politics and educate our children to speak the truth and protest against every unjust doing of the nation’s political party. And keep themselves free from any greed and pride can use student life to learn the truth but not kill the fact and make way for falsehood and unjust.

And saying this, I’m done with my conclusion on the Political problems and Issues of Bangladesh.


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