All About National Parliament of Bangladesh | Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban

All About National Parliament of Bangladesh | Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban

Bangladesh Parliament is a place where the national assembly is held. It is a place where all the elected leaders from all parts of Bangladesh came. The elected leaders come here to represent their area. The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh gives the legislature the name Jatiyo Shangsad in Bengali and the House of the state. It’s commonly referred to as Parliament.

Parliament of Bangladesh may be a unicameral legislature consisting of 350 members, of which 300 Members from 300 territorial constituencies that’s one from each constituency, on the idea of adult Franchise.

The remaining 50 seats are reserved for ladies elected by the aforesaid elected Members following the law on the idea of representation within the Parliament through Single Transferable Vote. This provision for 50 reserved women seats continues for ten years from the start of the 9th Parliament. Consistent with the 17th Amendment, the tenure of fifty reserved women seats will increase to a different 25 Years from the 10th Parliament.

National Parliament of Bangladesh Details

Famous architecture Louis Isadore Kahn designed the Parliament building of Bangladesh. It was his last project. The project of creating the Parliament building in Bangladesh was started in 1961. That was before getting independence.

Ayub Khan, the West Pakistan leader, started the project. And after that, the full project was completed in 1982 after almost 11 years of getting independence from West Pakistan. As per the provision of clause (3) of Article 72 of the Constitution, a Parliament’s term is five years. It’s ordinarily dissolved on completion of 5 years from the date of its first meeting after the overall elections.

The President has the authority to dissolve the Parliament earlier if, at any time, he’s satisfied that there are no Members of Parliament. The term of Parliament is often extended beyond 5 years by an Act of Parliament by less than one year when the Republic is engaged in war.

Bangladesh Parliament Contact Details

We have divided these parts into some points. We will be providing many valuable contact details of Bangladesh Parliaments. Here you can find contact details of speakers, MPs, etc. Let’s start now.

Honorable Speaker’s Office of Bangladesh Parliament

A Parliament speaker is a person who controls the parliament. And helps to keep the discipline. Speaker lets all the Parliament members discuss their issues in the parliament.

Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, MP, is the Hon’ble Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament.

Office Address: 

We have just got the office address details of the honorable Speaker of our Parliament. Here it is :

  • Address: West Block, Room No. 521, Level -5, Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat.
  • Phone: +880 2 55028840
  • Fax: +880 2 55028841
  • Email: [email protected]

Leader of the Opposition

The leader of the opposition is a person whose party won the second most seats in the parliament. The current opposition leader of Bangladesh is Raushon Ershad. We have got her office address in the following :

  • Office Address: South – East Block, Room No. 321-324, 313 (Partition Room), Level -3
    Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat.
  • Phone: +880 2 8158829
  • Fax: +880 2 9130635
  • Email: [email protected]

We have tried a lot but failed to collect more contact information. The official website of the Bangladesh Parliament was not responding in all links. We have tried to collect as much information as we can. But we could not find more.


Parliament is a place to run the country. It is the most important place in a country. Here many decisions are taken. Many laws are being created, and many laws need to recreate. The yearly budget is one of the most waited tasks of the Bangladesh Parliament and Parliament members.

This is where the Prime Minister, all Ministers, Opposition leaders, and all the MPs discuss many country issues. We hope you have liked this article. Bangladesh Parliament is a huge topic to write about. We have just tried to give some basic information about Bangladesh Parliament here.

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